The Street Whispers
Group of professional polish musicians performs
mix of different music styles, from classics through folk to jazz.
The Street Whispers is a band, which was created by three eager musicians and friends, who decided to unite those musical talents and design a group performing sophisticated music of a wide stylistic spectrum. They treat music as a complementary existence. They not only perform the classical music, folk, tango, jazz, klezmer and Latin American music, but also mix different styles in order to create their own unique tones.

The interesting fact about the Street Whispers is that it was created in 2012 to busk on the streets of Salzburg during the Mozart Festival, but nowadays, it's activity goes much beyond the street art.

Jakub Gawlik - ACCORDION, Franciszek Kmita - CLARINET, Michał Zuń -DOUBLE BASS
If you have any question contact us
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Phone: + 420 774 707 909