With the help of our youth team and like-minded people from different fields of activity, we prepared and launched
a new international musical project TIME PORTAL
The project is a platform for performances on competitive basis for talented and perspective creators and performers from different countries and is aimed at popularizing the beauty of the Czech regions and historical monuments in private possession.
We develop the project in different directions and set particular goals
The formation of new traditions of investigation and exploration of the rich, deep and complex, spiritual, ethnic and aesthetic connection of peoples through culture.
Involvement of talented youth in activities related to the knowledge of history and culture in contact with various forms of artistic creativity.
Assisting young talents in gaining fame in different countries, formation their own audience of listeners, creating an environment for personal growth, finding and acquiring sponsors, proposing and organizing tours, etc.
Conducting final events at the end of each season, during which the winners are identified, the nominees are awarded with prizes and gifts, and a large-scale final concert is held.
Attraction of the press and media structures to popularize the principles and social significance of the project.
Creation of non-standard high-quality Internet, online - service.
The development of TIME PORTAL
as a platform for:
Meetings of friends and relatives
Employee bonuses
Partners reception
Individual tourism
Our project is made for those:
Who likes music:
original rest format in combination with anaturical and atmospheric time transfers
Who likes travelling:
events are full of musical discoveries and experiences
Who works hard:
the ability to go through a reboot and comprehend global and current problems as elements of one whole and eternal long life
Who have already worked hard:
the opportunity to spend time in a decent society amidst the wealth and luxury of cultural heritage
Who are young, talented and inexperienced:
the opportunity to feel or discover the beauty of hitherto unknown musical forms closer through interactivity and involvement in events
Project Details
The level of performance has already exceeded all expectations for us: in each of the castles we were faced with an acoustic magic of historical halls and the synergy of what was happenin.
Every year from May to September every Friday in Prague and Saturday and / or Sunday in private castles or palaces of the Czech regions there are competitive performances of talented music groups from different countries, thereby they open up new facets of music and bring a new wave of popular or forgotten tunes to everyday life.
-Each team gives a full-fledged concert consisting of two sections of 30-40 minutes each and receives an audience rating in various nominations

-Video and photo report of each concert is made and is collected in accompanying content, as well as posted on the project website www.portal-time and on social networks sites

-Reportage video clip is created for each participant and is sent to the country from which the participant represents. This video material is the basis through which the arrival and participation of new young talents for future seasons is popularized through musical institutions and cultural departments.

-The teams with the highest voting results go to the finals, which are held at the end of October in the Zofin Palace, where winners are determined and awarded. The final is recorded and broadcast on the national media channels of various countries.
Sponsorship offers:
You can support the project by purchasing a gift package of subscriptions for your employees, business partners, a sponsored organization, thereby becoming a sponsor, so we post your logo, description of the company and a link to your web resource on the project website in the sponsors section.
We can discuss an individual marketing program to popularize your brand in the Czech Republic (if you are a foreign company) or in specific countries where musicians come from and combine efforts to promote the TimePortal project and sell your products abroad.
You can take the Time Portal project under guardianship and take part in its further formation and development as your brainchild.
We are open to any forms of cooperation, as we would like the TIME PORTAL project to become another small pride among centuries-old traditions of the history of the Czech land.
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