Marina Kantor
"Don't End It On A Minor"
A one-woman, one-act show.
"Don't End It On A Minor.
A one-woman storytelling show.
Using a contemporary performing art piece and her excellent piano skills, Marina Kantor engages the viewers in an informal chat and invites them on a fascinating exploration of the 25 musical notes of the melody of Israeli national, Hatikvah

Music and Concept: Marina Kantor
Directed by Vasile Nedelcu"
Born in Kiev, Ukraine, pianist Marina Kantor studied in Kiev, Nijni Novgorod and Moscow. Her mentors included I. Katz, N. Stankevich, L. Shur and the renowned Russia pianist Stanislav Genrikhovich Neuhaus (Moscow Conservatory) among others. Before immigrating to Israel with her family in 1991, she worked as a pianist and coach at Kiev Opera Theater for Youth and the Jewish Musical-Dramatic Theatre named after Sholom Aleikhem,

Upon moving to Israel, Marina performed as part of the Nora-Kantor piano/violin duo, in venues that included the Tzavta Hall, the Jaffa Music Centre and Tel Aviv Music Academy.
Since 2000, Marina has been living in Prague where she performed as part of a Lecian-Kantor duo with cellist Christopher Lecian. The duo released five albums, among them sonatas by Beethoven, Brahms Franck and Debussy, and works by Piazzola and Jan Valta.

Working with composer Sivan Eldar on her "Tongue of Wood," Marina devised a theatrical production that combined live piano performance with staging and electronics. Alongside director Vasily Nedeltsu she created her first solo performance "Don't End It In The Minor" — that has toured to great acclaim across Europe and the United States.
Marina's love for the city of Prague, alongside with her passion for music and storytelling, has also led to special tour experiences that she leads through the city. The semi-private tours (in English, Russian, Hebrew and Czech) present an intricate picture of Prague, through the masterworks of Mozart, Mahler, Chopin, Smetana, Dvorak and many others. Each tour culminates in a musical salon, where Marina performs for her audiences.