Impromptu Duo
The duet is characterize by a bright, unusual, dynamic sound, since the parties in the ensemble are of equal value the duet «Impromptu Duo» can be called a «duet of soloists»
The Impromptu Duet created in 2004 was invited to our music festival to surprise you with the bright, unusual, dynamic sound of similar in shapes, but different in sound instruments.

An unusual musical symbol of the Russian people - the balalaika, in the company of a classical guitar guarantee you an unforgettable acoustic evening in the walls of castles. Impossible is possible, and incompatible - compatible - this is exactly about our festival!

Top-class musicians, laureates of international competitions and festivals, Andrey Subbotin and Ekaterina Pushkarenko, will perform for you original arrangements of popular melodies and virtuosic variations on different topics, and also show how they can perform not only folk and soulful, but also classic pieces by a few strings.

Andrey Subbotin - BALALAIKA, Ekaterina Pushkarenko - GUITAR