Сhamber Music Concert presents the AvanesianDuo.
Kristina Avanesian - VIOLIN & Diana Avanesian - PIANO
Laureates of International Sergey Taneyev chamber music competition (Russia, 2017), Val Tidone International music competition "Contessa Tina Orsi Anguissola Scotti" Chamber Music Prize (Italy, 2015), winners of All-Russian Dmitry Kabalevsky competition (Russia, 2015), laureates of International Maria Yudina competition (Russia, 2015), winners of International competition "Renaissance" (Armenia, 2014), special prize winners "for the best performance of the contemporary piece" of International chamber music competition (Latvia, 2014).

Performed on International music festivals: Orlando international chamber music festival (The Netherlands, 2018), Tatiana Gaidamovich international festival (Russia, 2018), Zeister Musik Dagen (The Netherlands, 2015-2016), International Willem Brons festival (The Netherlands, 2017),The Universe of Sound (Russia, 2015), projects: "Boesendorfer loft philarmony" (Russia, 2017) and "Moscow music night" (Russia, 2015).

Influenced by masterclasses with Wolfgang Redik, Henk Guittart, Alexander Pavlovsky(Jerusalem quartet), Philip Setzer(Emerson quartet), Robert Kulek.

The Duo performs with recitals in Russia, Armenia, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Sweden, etc.