Savoia Castle
Former medieval fortress that later became the favorite palace of Maria Theresa of Savoy, now serves as a home to an aristocratic family. This castle has been destroyed, abandoned, and then reborn and restored to its former glory.

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An interesting bit of history: the Castle was at one point under the dominion of the Lichtensteins.
Maria Theresa of Savoia (born Lichtenstein) has restored the destroyed castle and lived here for over half a century. She built hospitals, churches and significantly influenced the development of the local region. Her death in 1772 has put the castle into a forgotten state once again which caused the main palace to be destroyed.

It is important to mention that the castle has served a significant role as a religious center for the local Jewish community. The castle housed a synagogue, Jewish religious school and a cantina for 80 years until the very beginning of the Second World War.

The modern history of the Savoia Castle is being made by the Eremeev-Salvatore family. Dmitry Eremeev originated from an aristocratic Russian family and his wife Monica Eremeev (born Salvatore) was born and raised in a noble family in Campoli near Florence. The family has begun the reconstruction in 2008. Today the castle has been restored and open for private visits, events and local public events.

Savoia Castle and its surrounding Estate offer an abundance of unique opportunities with regards to Locations for Film-Making. The Castle is particularly well suited as the film location for dramatic/historic material, as our settings naturally connote the glory and elegance of Baroque and early Renaissance estates. Savoia Castle has undergone a complete Renovation of its exteriors and interiors. Of note, this work fell under the Category of a Restoration, as the Castle has been deemed a Cultural Heritage Site.

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