Center of Since and Culture
One of the patron of spiritual and cultural life in Prague
For the second half of the season of the Time Portal festival, the doors of the Russian Center of Art and Science opened (RSVK). For many years the development of spiritual and cultural life in Prague has been supported by the Center. As an example, in the 90s, within the walls of the center, people had the opportunity to attend Sabbath school and conduct religious ministry. We cannot but mention the support in organizing theater performances on the territory of the center of art and science. Young people got the opportunity to organize their own theater under the guidance of experienced screenwriters and directors and give concerts here. Now the Time Portal festival, which represents a combination of all ages, traditions of different cultures and peoples, holds a music concert every Friday in the Crystal Hall of the Russian Centre of Art and Science.

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Na Zátorce 16, Praha-6, st.m. Hradčanská