Žofín Palace
Zofin Palace is considered to be one of the most prestigious centers of social and cultural life of Prague.
About Žofín Palace
Zofin Palace today is considered to be the architectural gem of Prague. It retained the long-standing glory of international social, political, cultural and business center. Events of exceptional importance are held in the halls of the palace: concerts of world-class celebrities, evenings of classical music, exhibitions, fashion shows, ballroom seasons, and children's parties.
In 1835, when Václav Novotný decided to build the first brick building on Slavonic Island (or Dyers' Island as it was then called), he had no idea that the one-storey neoclassical building named after the mother of Emperor Franz Joseph I, Princess Sophie (or Žofie in Czech), would become one of the most important cultural and social centres in Prague and the Czech Lands as a whole. In November 1882, the cycle of symphonic poems "My Homeland" by Bedřich Smetana, an outstanding Czech composer, founder of the Czech national composer's school, was first performed here. In 1884 the municipality bought the whole island, including Žofín, and over the next two years it converted the building into the present neorenaissance palace with richly decorated interiors and fine halls that have now been part of Czech (and not only Czech) culture for the last 150 years. The Slavic island, on which the palace was built at the beginning of the 19th century, is located not far from the National Theater. It is considered the youngest of the Prague islands. To this day, it is one of the most popular corners of the Czech capital for romantic and cultural meetings.

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