Hrubá Skála
The Hrubá Skála Castle is situated at the edge of the rock massif in the Bohemian Paradise, about 20 meters above ground, in the cadastral area of the village of the same name. It was created by the reconstruction of the Skála Castle built in the 14th century by the Wallenstein family.
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The medieval castle-hotel of the Czech Republic Gruba Skala was founded in the first half of the XIV century by Gyneck from Waldstein, the first mention of this castle in the Czech Republic dates back to 1353. Ginek's descendants owned this Middle Ages castle until 1416, when Gruba Skala Castle became the property of Jenshtein.

This medieval Czech castle changed owners quite often - the next owner, Jan Zajec, who bought the Gruba Skala castle in 1460, joined the uprising against King Jiri in 1469, and as a result, after the defeat of the rebels, this medieval castle was confiscated in favor of the crown. The following owners, Svoyanovsky from Boskovitsy, who received the Czech castle Gruba Skala in 1492, significantly expanded the estate, adding 54 neighboring villages to it. But already in 1524, the new owners went bankrupt and sold the medieval castle of Gruba Skala to Sikmund Smirzycki.

The descendants of Sikmund significantly expanded the Czech castle Gruba Skala, turning a modest Gothic castle into a luxurious Renaissance three-winged palace. But the craving for freedom, which in the Middle Ages constantly pushed the Czech nobility to rebel against the Austrian emperors, played a cruel joke with these owners of the Middle East castle Gruba Skala - in 1618, Emperor Ferdinand crushed another rebellion and confiscated this Czech castle. In 1630, the medieval castle of Gruba Skala becomes the property of the famous Albrecht von Waldstein, who added it to his duchy of Friedland with its center in the castle of Friedlant in Northern Bohemia.

After the villainous murder of Generalissimo Waldstein in 1634 in Cheb, hard times came for the Gruba Skala (as well as for the whole Czech Republic). During the Thirty Years War, this medieval castle was ocuppied in turn by the Swedish and then the Austrian troops, and then robbed. In 1643, the Gruba Skala Castle was again stormed by the Swedish armies under the command of General Torstenson. After the end of all wars, the castle of was to be partially destroyed by an imperial decree of 1658, but thanks to the efforts of the then owner Arnoszte Joseph Waldstein, this was avoided.

In 1710 and 1804, this medieval Czech castle survived two fires, but the Waldstein repaired the Gruba Skala Castle every time. Finally, the last private owners of this castle were Erenthali, who bought it in 1821. The new owners partially rebuilt the castle, giving it a neo-Gothic appearance. After nationalization in 1945, the Czech castle Gruba Skala served as a trade union sanatorium, which caused irreparable damage to the castle interiors. Currently, the hotel and restaurant are located on the premises of the castle.

In the castle you can:
• Take a walk around the castle, or take a look into the courtyard, which offers a breathtaking view of the Czech Paradise (Český ráj)
• Visit a costume show
• Take a tour of the old castle halls, caves, go to the chapel, explore the surroundings from the observation tower
• Enjoy delicious meals in the castle restaurant, which offers to sit either on the terrace or inside the castle
Hrubá Skála 1, 511 01 Turnov, Czech Republic
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