Hrad Kost
Kost Castle is a medieval knight of the Bohemian Paradise. Strong as a bone - that's what they say about a Gothic castle in the Czech Republic that has never been captured.
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Its construction began in 1349. From the 14th century until the mid-20th century, a dozen owners changed for various reasons - as a result of the marriage, the castle was resold, the property was inherited, but, most interesting fact is that the castle was never captured by anyone. That is why the castle owes its name to Jan Žižka, who after a long and unsuccessful capture of the castle in the 15th century allegedly exclaimed: "This castle is solid as a bone. Only a dog can eat it!". In 1948, the castle of Kost was confiscated by the communist government of Czechoslovakia and then a museum of Gothic and Renaissance art was formed there. Then, after restitution, the castle was privately owned by the Kinsky family and is still owned by them
Castle Kost is one of the few remaining medieval castles in the Czech Republic and is considered the second most important.
Today, Kost Castle is one of the main tourist attractions in the country. It is located in one of the most attractive regions of the Czech Republic. Due to the beauty of nature and landscape, the place is called Český Ráj, which means Czech Paradise.

In the castle you can:
· enjoy the magical atmosphere of the surrounding forests and lakes
· organize a bike ride or even horseback riding.
· Kost Castle can be rented for events including weddings, team events, filming and concerts.
· try the life of the Middle Ages - you can rent apartments in the premises of the castle,
· take the castle tour: refectory, art gallery, torture room with prison cells, historical Black Kitchen, which is housed in a room with a renaissance interior are all can be seen
· book a thematic tour with the executioner Heřman (for children as well), who will tell you in detail about how and on whom they used the guillotine, rack and other instruments of torture; еspecially many tourists come on these excursions during the Halloween holiday
· you can visit other tourist attractions nearby such as Chateau Humprecht, castle ruins Trosky, rocky town, Chateau Hrubá Skála, Castle Valdštejn, spa Sedmihorky, Prachovské rocks and summer resort by Jinovické ponds

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