Hrad Kokořín
Kokořín Castle lies in the middle of a nature reserve on a steep rocky spur above the Kokořín Valley, north of the village of the same name. Originally, a medieval fortress carved in the local sandstone was built there in the days of the King Jan Lucemburský.
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The castle was founded at the beginning of the 14th century. Its construction was conceived by Pan Ginek Berka, who wanted to build a Gothic fortress. Until the 15th century, the building constantly changed owners. During the Hussite wars, its owners were representatives of this reform movement. Later, Emperor Ferdinand II included the castle in the list of "cursed fortresses" and even ordered it destroyed. But for unknown reasons, Kokorzhin survived and again began to change hands. At the beginning of the XVII century it was transferred into the ownership of the Waldstein family.

During the Thirty Years War, the castle was destroyed by the Swedes. Ferdinand III, who ruled the country at that time, forbade the restoration of the building, as he was afraid of rebellion. For almost 200 years, Kokorzhin stood abandoned and turned into ruins. The robbers took advantage of this and built a "den" in the ruins.

At the end of the 19th century, the dilapidated castle was acquired by Vaclav Spacek. He began to completely renovate the building. Reconstruction was carried out from 1911 to 1918 and returned the building to its former Gothic look. Moreover, the new owner decided to develop a tourism business. He built a hotel and a tennis court on the castle grounds. But because of world wars, this idea had to be refused.

In the second half of the XX century, the castle was owned by the state. A little later, the descendants of Pan Shpachek claimed rights to Kokorzhin. About 16 years of litigation continued, and only in 2006 the heirs managed to get their property. Now part of the castle has been turned into a hotel, but many rooms are available for tourists.

Kokorzhin Castle was built in the Gothic style with the addition of Baroque elements. It looks more like a practical fortress than a grand palace. The ensemble of the structure includes a 40-meter round tower with a conical stone dome. It is called "bergfreet."The interior of the premises Kokorzhin Castle is open for excursions. Relatives of the last owner saved the historical beauty and uniqueness of the structure. The building has not undergone significant changes, only part of the premises are comfortably equipped rooms. Visitors are not allowed there.

Today in the castle you can:
· climb the walls and admire the surrounding forests.
· see the exposition in the knightly theme - paintings, ancient weapons, furniture, coats of arms
· get to know the ghosts of the castle and different stories about them - a young girl - the daughter of a miller and a man who once entered the crypt of the castle and never came out of it again
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Hrad Kokořín, 277 23 Kokořín,
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