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Sergey Sadov | SADORA
The Concert and presentation of a unique musical instrument «Sadora»
and the new album "Middle East".
Duo L'amero
Combination of instruments and voice in Program "Nouvelle"
/not only classic music
Impromptu Duo
Classical music works, own compositions, jazz.
Concert: Solo recital.
Etnos Ensemble
Concert Etnos Ensemble of etno-jazz music and presentation of the new album "Gardens".
Ivan Shmarygin
Classical music works, own compositions, jazz.
Concert: Solo recital.
Family Duet
Soul meets Opera: two worlds meet in one spirit, one heart, one voice.
The Street Whispers
Group of professional polish musicians performs mix of different music styles, from classics through folk to jazz.
Fado Ao Centro
Coimbra Fado is a genre of fado originating in the city of Coimbra, Portugal.
Fado Ao Centro
João Farinha - SINGER
Luis Carlos Santos - CLASSICAL GUITAR
Duet Romarino
«Classic is forever young»
Presentation of new program with most interesting pieces for cello and piano
Our duet Romarino is more than 15 years old. It started from our friendship during student days in Moscow State Conservatory. We were awarded scholarships of New Names, Russian Perfoming Art, Orbelyan Fondation at the same time. We also won different international music competitions as soloists. Our desire to promote classic music and cultural values became the foundation for our music band. We are playing our concerts both for experienced audience and young listeners. Sharing our love for classic music with other people is our greatest pleasure.

Irina Buniatian - PIANO
Roman Mormyga - CELLO

P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY - Pezzo Capriccioso
S. RACHMANINOFF – Cello sonata in g minor, III. Andante
E. GRIEG – Cello sonata in a-minor, 1st movement
G. CASSADO - Requiebros
A. PIAZZOLLA – Le Grand Tango
T. VITALI - Chaconne
L. DELUNE –Du vent qui pleure
E. GRANADOS - Intermezzo
F. CHOPIN – Etude in f minor op 25 no.2

Etnos Ensemble
Etnos Ensemble is a musical group performing original compositions inspired by ethnic influences of music from all over the world as well as Balkan, Polish and Jewish music.

The group is formed by four musicians who have been friends for some time. Their style is individual and original, hence it is difficult to define it as one particular musical genre. Therefore, the musicians are not restricted in their artistic work and interpretations in any way. The most frequent influences present in their music come from traditional Balkan, Polish, Klezmer music as well as some elements of jazz. This musical cocktail combined with the virtuosity of musicians creates a unique andunforgettable atmosphere during the concerts. Etnos Ensemble musicians attach greatest importance to the distinctiveness of sound and honesty of their musical message. Thanks to that, performing on stage, captured by the uncontrolled element of music, they make the listener engross in their musical world leaving no one indifferent to the music they play. Numerous prizes and distinctions in many all-Poland and international competitions are the confirmation of the high level presented by the musicians of Etnos.
In 2016, Etnos Ensemble recorded a debut album which can be purchased after their concerts enabling the listener to prolong the pleasure of communing with the music of the group.

Konrad Merta - ACCORDION,
Bartosz Pacan - CLARINET,
Piotr Gach - CELLO,
Łukasz Mazanek - DOUBLE BASS.
Features (additional):
Katarzyna Merta - VOCAL, VIOLIN
A young creative duo from Vienna prepared a very special surprise program for this occasion. Organically combining different genres from classical music and greatest opera arias to famous Czech, Austrian and Italian songs and even jazz, Wiener_duo will make sure everybody enjoys the evening.

Viktoria Slobodina - VOCAL (opera, classic, pop, jazz, chanson)
Natalia Zaitceva - PIANO, FlUETE
Organically combining different genres from classical music to famous Czech, Austrian and Italian songs and even jazz...
Ivan Shmarygin
Composer, pianist, organist.

Born in Moscow in 1995. From 2002 to 2013 studied at the Central Music School of the Moscow State Conservatory (piano class of F. Nurizade). In 2018 graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (piano class of Professor Y. Slesarev). Also, went through the courses of composition (the class of Professor Y. Vorontsov) and the organ (the class of Associate Professor D. Dianov).

VIII N. Rubinstein International Piano Competition (Paris, 2006; 1st Prize), XVIII International Piano Competition «Rotaract-Rotary» (Palma de Mallorca, 2011; 3rd Prize), XX Togliatti International Competition for Musicians-Performers / Piano Nomination (Togliatti, 2015; 1st Prize), Composers' Competition at the festival «On the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory» (Moscow, 2015; 2nd Prize), VIII Composers' Competition for an Organ Composition (Moscow, 2017; 2nd Prize), Composers' Competition at the «STAM-Festival 2017» (Moscow, 2017; 1st Prize), XI A. Karamanov International Piano Competition (Simferopol, 2017; 1st Prize).

Classical music works, own compositions, jazz.
Impromptu Duo
Impromptu Duo is the winner of various International competitions.
The group has existed since 2004. Musicians actively perform in Russia and abroad.

A. Subbotin - BALALAIKA
E. Pushkarenko - GUITAR

2005 "Impromptu Duo" CD released
2005 - 2013 Active cooperation with Russian Philharmonic societies:
Orel Philharmonic (2005,2007,2008,20010,2011,2013) with different programs.
The Petrozavodsk Philharmonic (2006,2008,2012)
The Vologda Philharmonic (2011)
Cherepovets Philharmonic (2008)
The Chelyabinsk Philharmonic. Organ hall (2007)
Ekaterinburg Philharmonic (2006, 2008, 2010.)
Ufa Philharmonic ( 2011)
Irkutsk Philharmonic society (2004.,2007.)
Peter and Paul Philharmonic (Kazakhstan 2007, 2009.)
Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic (2009)
Kirov Philharmonic (2010)
Arkhangelsk Philharmonic (2008.)
Simferopol Philharmonic (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013)
2014 Big concert tour in the cities of South Korea.
A series of TV programs about the work of Impromptu Duo
on the South West TV.
2015 Participation in the International musical project dedicated to the works of the composer Simon Shurin( Austria, Vienna). Specifically for this project by A. Subbotin and by E. Pushkarenko, wrote the treatment, and made arrangements of five of the composer's works.
As part of this project, concerts were organized in the cities of Russia (N. Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Podolsk, Vologda, Cherepovets). The culmination of the project was a concert, which was held with great success in Prague (Czech Republic) in the concert hall of the Russian cultural center.
2016 "Impromptu Duo" was invited to Paphos (Cyprus) for a lectureconcert "Russian music"
The Street Whispers
Street Whispers is a band, which was created by three eager musicians and friends, who decided to unite those musical talents and design a group performing sophisticated music of a wide stylistic spectrum.

They treat music as a complementary existence. They not only perform the classical music, folk, tango, jazz, klezmer and Latin American music, but also mix different styles in order to create their own unique tones.

The members of the band are the graduates of the well known Polish music schools and academies of music. Their artistic output consists of various festivals and performances on many European stages and beyond. They are also laureates of prestigious 2018 PiF Castelfidardo in two categories- world music and jazz.

The interesting fact about the Street Whispers is that it was created in 2012 to busk on the streets of Salzburg during the Mozart Festival, but nowadays, it's activity goes much beyond the street art.

Franciszek Kmita - CLARINET
Jakub Gawlik - ACCORDION
Michał Zuń - DOUBLE BASS
The heavenly sounds of Tatiana Rasa (Austria) and Rachelle Jeanty ( Haiti/Canada) join in harmony, bringing pop, soul and opera together in a new heart opening, gut wrenching, mind blowing musical experience.

Versatile singer Rachelle Jeanty started her career as Celine Dion's backvocalist on a two year world tour, playing stages such the Madison Square Gardens, The Wembley Arena, The Budokan.
She has since pursued a solo career with 4 albums to her name, performances at the United Nations New York, on the Voice of Germany, at the Vienna Opera Ball and numerous sold out concerts in European churches and concert halls.

Opera singer Tatiana Rasa was trained at the best classical vocal universities of Russia and Austria. Tatiana has performed in operas and concerts in Germany, Italy and Austria. Amongst the operatic roles she has performed are: Gilda from "Rigoletto", Mimi from "La Boheme", Sister Angelica from "Sour Angelica", Arsena in "Zigeunerbaron, Donna Anna from "Don Giovanni", Liu from "Turandot", Lisa from "Pique Dame", La Contessa from "Figaro", and Antonia from "Tales of Hoffmann". She will be starring at the upcoming "Gianni Schicchi" as Lauretta at Innsbruck Opera House in 2019.
Prominent coaches from Opera Australia praised Tatiana's voice for its exceptional quality and likened it to a Stradivarius.

The two songbirds met in 2010 and quickly became fans of one another.
They have, since then, dreamt of performing together.

Now their dream is coming true in this new project called Divya" a Sanskrit word invoking the Divine.
Duo L'amero
Program "Nouvelle" gives the audience a chance to feel all range of emotions : sometimes sadness, sometimes passion and love, and in the end - joy and happiness! Combination of instruments and voice makes the concert atmosphere unforgettable!
Yuliya Lebedenko and Natalia Hiesberger are concert musicians, who make their careers not only as soloists, but also in a great duo „L'amero".
Both ladies have graduated from Music Universities in Vienna. They also studied in different countries of Europe, such as Russia, Belarus, Italy and England. Duo „L'amero" exists already for seven years and successfully participates in many international Festivals and concerts. Their repertoire includes not only classical music, bat also extraordinary arrangements of soundtracks, tangos and jazz. Combination of violin, piano and voice makes concerts colourful, emotional and impressive!

Yuliya Lebedenko - VIOLIN, MEZZO-SOPRANO
Natalia Hiesberger - PIANO
Marina Kantor
Don't End It On A Minor.
A one-woman storytelling show
Marina Kantor
"Don't End It On A Minor.
A one-woman storytelling show.
Using a contemporary performing art piece and her excellent piano skills, Marina Kantor engages the viewers in an informal chat and invites them on a fascinating exploration of the 25 musical notes of the melody of Israeli national, Hatikvah

Music and Concept: Marina Kantor
Directed by Vasile Nedelcu"

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, pianist Marina Kantor studied in Kiev, Nijni Novgorod and Moscow. Her mentors included I. Katz, N. Stankevich, L. Shur and the renowned Russia pianist Stanislav Genrikhovich Neuhaus (Moscow Conservatory) among others. Before immigrating to Israel with her family in 1991, she worked as a pianist and coach at Kiev Opera Theater for Youth and the Jewish Musical-Dramatic Theatre named after Sholom Aleikhem,

Upon moving to Israel, Marina performed as part of the Nora-Kantor piano/violin duo, in venues that included the Tzavta Hall, the Jaffa Music Centre and Tel Aviv Music Academy. Since 2000, Marina has been living in Prague where she performed as part of a Lecian-Kantor duo with cellist Christopher Lecian. The duo released five albums, among them sonatas by Beethoven, Brahms Franck and Debussy, and works by Piazzola and Jan Valta.

Working with composer Sivan Eldar on her "Tongue of Wood," Marina devised a theatrical production that combined live piano performance with staging and electronics. Alongside director Vasily Nedeltsu she created her first solo performance "Don't End It In The Minor" — that has toured to great acclaim across Europe and the United States.Marina's love for the city of Prague, alongside with her passion for music and storytelling, has also led to special tour experiences that she leads through the city. The semi-private tours (in English, Russian, Hebrew and Czech) present an intricate picture of Prague, through the masterworks of Mozart, Mahler, Chopin, Smetana, Dvorak and many others. Each tour culminates in a musical salon, where Marina performs for her audiences.

It is a presentation of a unique musical instrument «Sadora» invented by Russian composer and musician, Sergey Sadov. Its sound is a colorful combination of many cultures: Indian sitar and santoor, Russian gusli and balalaika, Arabian Oud, Turkish saz (baglama) a Grecian bouzouki.

The mastermind of the project - Sergey Sadov, is a Russian composer was born and grew up in Moscow. He heard the sounds of the future instrument in sleep. So, Musical instrument - Sadora was created in 1995 after several years of painstaking and tireless work.

"We believe that all true lovers of classical music, jazz and ethnical will appreciate our music"

Sergey Sadov - SADORA (exclusive string instrument)
Yulia Sadova - DRUMS

Part I.
1) S. Sadov - The Lively Water;
2) S. Sadov - Song Of The Wind;
3) S. Sadov - Rahat Lucum;
4) S. Sadov - The Chorovod ( The Dance);
5) S.Sadov - Skomoroshina;
6) S. Sadov - The Legends Of Russia
7) S.Sadov - The Dance Of The Dervish;
8) S. Sadov - The Golden Gate Of The Vladimir Town.
Part II.
1) S. Sadov - On Angel's Wings;
2) S.Sadov - Middle East;
3) S. Sadov - Rus;
4) S. Sadov - Black Raven;
5) S. Sadov - Beloved One's Name;
6) S. Sadov - Znai Nashikh (We Can Rock You!) ;
7) S. Sadov - Altai.

| leader of the voting |
Tehmine Schaeffer
| second leader of the voting |
Thomas Markus
| the best voice according to opinion of professionals |
Marina Droulou
| the best performance according to opinion of tourists |
Rumen Dobrev
| the best voice according to women's opinion who sometimes visit opera |
Sergey Sadov | SADORA
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