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Voting system
Phantom Castles
TIME PORTAL is a combination of aesthetic music, times and peoples under the arches of historical monuments of culture.

The base of this new project is an international festival movement of youth, started as a year-round musical evenings in old castles and palaces of the Czech Republic...each performance consists of unusual and unique combination of voices and instruments in the historical castles walls.

From May to October: every Friday, Saturday and Sunday talented musicians from different countries compete for the maximum score of audience sympathy.

So, era, genres, performing arts, traditions of different cultures and peoples, the spirit and energy of the moment intertwine in the same space and time during performance...
This is a real year-round holiday that leaves an unforgettable impressions.

Voting System
What is a voting system and how does it work?
Our festival works on a competitive basis, this means that voting is part of every concert program.

As a guest of our concert, you get a #votingform at the entrance. There are two parts to fill: a personal profile and evaluation of the performance on a 12-point scale.

The assessment is made in the following nominations::
- 1 - Musical virtuosity,
- 2 - Repertoire quality,
- 3 - Artistic skills (the ability to conduct a dialogue and keep the attention of the audience, charisma, originality)
- 4 - General performance impression in the first part
- 5 - General performance impression in the second part

In #votingform you put down a rating point from 5 to 9, min - 2 (dislike), max = 12 (like)

You will not need pens or pencils,
the voting system is designed in such a way that with the help of special clothespins you will successfully complete the votingform.
Clothespin punches mark you need to evaluate each performance.

Give your #votingform to our "redhats"(festival hostesses) at the end of the concert.
Just don't forget about it )))

The total average counted for each performance. So, the band's rating - is a total average score for three performances within one festival tour.
All vote counts will be posted on the website in rating table (ссылка).
The finalists will be announced, at the end of the festival music weeks
Phantom Castles
What does it mean & How does it work?
The phantom castle is an innovation for especially curious people who like surprises and adventures. Time PoRTaL designed a program for blindly tickets and transfer purchase.

The main group of festival castles have concert halls with capacity from 100 to 300 people. But, the Czech Republic has many castles with concert halls for up to 30 50 70 people…so, in these castles somewhere in Czech, we provide our guests with a Shuttle service in a special way.

The concert ticket to Phantom Castle is 20% less than the usual price, and a shuttle service from Prague costs only 200 CZK per person.

What do you gain from this "innovation"?

Either the opportunity to visit the famous castle with a reduction in the cost of tickets for the concert and transfer.
*when the phantom castle disappears from the program, the cost of the concert ticket and the transfer will be updated
Or you can get a personal visit to the concert, where a castle with a small concert hall will be opened especially for your group.

TIME PORTAL's Phantom Castle Group consist of castles with concert halls for up to 70 people.

We will be glad to share with you history of Phantom Castles, and of course #multipass discount will be available in each of them

Travel with pleasure and good adventures always be with you!"