Musical evenings in castles&palaces of the Czech Republic.
Voting system
concerts during the summer
groups-participants from different countries
countries represented per season
12 castles
+ 3 historic venues
About Season 2019
"The level of performance has already exceeded all expectations for us: in each of the castles we were faced with an acoustic magic of historical halls and the synergy of what was happenin"
Every Friday in Prague and Saturday and / or Sunday in private castles or palaces of the Czech regions there were competitive performances of talented music groups from different countries.
- Each team gave a full-fledged concert of two sections of 30-40 minutes and gained audiencerating in various nominations

- Photo and video reports were created from each concert and was collected in accompanying content, as well as were posted on the project website www.portal-time and on social networks.

- Reportage video clip was created for each participant and was sent to the country from which the participant represents. *This video material is the basis through which the arrival and participation of new young talents for future seasons is popularized through musical institutions and cultural departments.

- The teams with the highest voting results reached the final, which was held on October 26 and 27 at the Zofin Palace, where winners were determined and awarded. Both evenings were accompanied by the Kaiserwalzer orchestra and were held with demonstration performances of the 18th century dances.
Posters of the season 2019
Best photos of the season 2019
according to the audience vote
Voting System
What is a voting system and how does it work?
Our festival works on a competitive basis, this means that voting is part of every concert program.

As a guest of our concert, you get a #votingform at the entrance. There are two parts to fill: a personal profile and evaluation of the performance on a 12-point scale.

The assessment is made in the following nominations::
- 1 - Musical virtuosity,
- 2 - Repertoire quality,
- 3 - Artistic skills (the ability to conduct a dialogue and keep the attention of the audience, charisma, originality)
- 4 - General performance impression in the first part
- 5 - General performance impression in the second part

In #votingform you put down a rating point from 5 to 9, min - 2 (dislike), max = 12 (like)

You will not need pens or pencils,
the voting system is designed in such a way that with the help of special clothespins you will successfully complete the votingform.
Clothespin punches mark you need to evaluate each performance.

Give your #votingform to our "redhats"(festival hostesses) at the end of the concert.
Just don't forget about it )))

The total average counted for each performance. So, the band's rating - is a total average score for three performances within one festival tour.
All vote counts will be posted on the website in rating table (ссылка).
The finalists will be announced, at the end of the festival music weeks